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Live Streaming on YouTube Low On The List?

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There is a lot that I agree with as many creators are pointing out the fact that YouTube is only focusing on Shorts and now AI. Long-form video format is still king but, we've been seeing how YouTube is throwing a lot of resources into building out the Shorts side of the platform. With AI being the new thing that is capturing the attention of the general public and just about everyone else, this is now the new thing YouTube is putting resources into.

With Live streaming becoming relegated further down the list, I'm not saying that YouTube has given up on it entirely. No, this is more than live streaming requires so much more funding and can be advertised towards a more event-based streaming like esports tournaments or other large-scale events. For those of us that are so far down the totem pole, we may not see requested features or changes for years.

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 4.43.31 PM.png




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