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After moving hosts around a few times, settled in on a host I've used in the past, Transistor.fm. I've never had an issue with their service and that's not to say Captivate was any lesser, both Transistor and Captivate are on equal footing in my opinion. There are a few features one has over the other but, in my use case, I don't need them.

Trying out Castopod was a good experience hampered only by a limit on how many episodes or file size is possible to be stored depending on the account type you pay for. It's true in that I could self-host it, as it is possible to do so and is FOSS but, I'm trying to minimize the amount of things and systems I need to keep up on, while also creating content and a 9-5 as well. Going back to a podcast hoster that allows multiple shows for a reasonable price was the smart choice for me.

Nothing has changed on your end as I simply redirected the RSS feed to Transistor and your subscription via whichever podcast player of choice won't change. You'll still receive The Independent Creator Podcast every other week like normal, the only difference is the sharing site. Which is going to be at the following address https://indiecreator.transistor.fm/ It is a nicely designed place for people to see all the episodes, read the transcripts, find handy links to wherever they would like to listen as well as listen right within the site itself. 

All in all, I'm continuing to try to make my workflow as streamlined as I can, while also providing the best production value to you all.

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