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Video Episodes on Substack

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You've might have seen the announcement that Substack is offering creators/podcasters a way in which you can directly upload videos to your page. Using a bit of magic in that the video, especially if it is a podcast episode, can be transcribed, split into a na audio only stream and placed as a new post all on its own. Is actually pretty cool.

I wanted to know what the gotcha's were as this sounded a bit too true to be believable. 



On video episodes, you can:

  • Automatically generate transcripts
  • Share audio from the video directly to your podcast RSS feed
  • Offer exclusive content to paying subscribers and a free preview of paid videos to all viewers
  • Easily share clips of your video in a note or on social media


That sounds great but, I wanted to know what you would have to give up or even how much all of this would be priced at. From what I can see is that there is no cost to the creator, just have to have your content living on Substack's infrastructure is all. What caught my eye though was the following.


Tip: The accepted video types are 1080 p/2K or smaller, MP4, H.264, and AAC; the recommended maximum size is 20 GB.

These restrictions are really livable for a platform to offer video hosting and storage essentially. With the maximum limit of 20GB, this is big, as many other places have a limit of maybe 10GB at the most. And that's a rare find. 

What are your thoughts with Substack getting into the video hosting side of things? Does it bring itself to be a competitor to other platforms?

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