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Libera Chat Matrix Bridge Shutting Down

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  • Management Team

Today we are sorry to announce that we are not able to bring the Libera Chat bridge back online. We have already begun working through clean up tasks, such as clearing ghosts, and expect to be done by December 22. If you see any bridge artifacts left past that point, please let us know.


Matrix.org Foundation, in collaboration with Element and Libera Chat, has announced that they are unable to bring back the Libera Chat bridge online. All clean-up tasks such as clearing ghosts are expected to wrap up by December 22, 2023.

For users reliant on this bridge, alternative solutions are recommended. These include running their own bridge through matrix-app service-irc software. However, users are urged to pay heed to the network while doing so and take into account the recommendations from Libera Chat and their Matrix FAQs.

The decision to shut down the bridge came after months of effort from Matrix.org and the Element team to address raised issues. Despite all their efforts, the desired results couldn't be achieved in a timely manner.

The development, maintenance, and operation of the Libera Chat bridge had been donated to the community by Element, limiting the capability and staffing to consistently prioritize work on the bridge.

Resolving the introduced issues and restoring the bridge are still on the cards, provided the necessary work is done and key improvements are made. In the long run, Matrix.org hopes to allocate resources to sustain its core programs and to provide additional community services like bridge maintenance and operations.

However, being an open-source foundation early in its development journey, Matrix.org admits its resources are limited, requiring it to make difficult choices about resource allocation.

The foundation acknowledges all involved parties for their dedication to community service and regrets the current situation, hoping for improved circumstances in the future.

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