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Focusing more on Peertube with TILvids

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  • Management Team

As I mainly focus on the alternative platforms and open source world, it would be ideal to begin posting the Indie Creator Hub videos that are available on the TILvids Peertube instance. You probably see them already as I work to post them up here as their threads. Of course, the videos are still and will continue to be added to the YouTube channel but, I feel that it's important to showcase these open-source alternatives.

Here is the direct link to our channel on TILvids https://tilvids.com/c/indie_creator_hub_channel

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  • Management Team

Lately I’ve been wondering if I should spin up an instance of Peertube for use here. TILvids is a great place and I’ve been enjoying the people there but, hitting the overall cap is becoming an issue. I would like to continue to be part of the community there but I do have to start thinking future in how to go forward. 

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