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Found 2 results

  1. In the ever-evolving world of digital content creation, the spotlight often shines on the future, leaving the present to bask in its shadow. This post aims to bring the current state of blogging into focus, delving into the various platforms used by modern bloggers and painting a comprehensive picture of the contemporary blogging environment. When discussing blogging platforms, WordPress is invariably the major player that comes to mind. Famed for its versatility, WordPress powers a significant majority of websites around the globe, providing a perfect mix of self-hosting and WordPress hosting plans. Its repertoire of plugins and themes, both free and paid, enhances its appeal further. However, a caveat to the WordPress system arises in the form of the common freemium models, which can pose challenges for many bloggers. Transitioning from WordPress, we encounter Ghost, a blogging system that echoes simplicity and focus. Tailored primarily for blogging and newsletters, it offers robust features and easy-to-use tools. Unlike WordPress, Ghost does not operate on a freemium model, which can often prove beneficial. However, self-hosting on Ghost demands understanding command-line prompts, which is potentially intimidating for some. Fortunately, Ghost also offers hosting plans, alleviating the burden of server maintenance. Our foray into blogging platforms brings us next to Substack and Medium. These two systems, whilst providing user-friendly spaces for blog creation, differ significantly from the former in one respect: they lack self-hosting options. Though this might seem restrictive, many bloggers find this feature suitable, especially those at the start of their journey. However, given that theme customization and branding options remain limited here, some creators might find these platforms restrictive. While WordPress, Ghost, Substack, and Medium emerge as the leading contenders in the blogging sphere, there are numerous other platforms vying for attention. Delving deeper into these would require separate articles, but the fact remains: when it comes to starting a blog, the range of choices is vast. The ultimate decision hinges on individual preferences and needs. However, understanding each platform's unique strengths and shortcomings can be invaluable in making an informed choice. The world of blogging is ever-growing and ever-evolving with many options at your disposal. Armed with this insight, you are well-placed to choose the ideal platform that aligns with your vision as a blogger – a choice that might prove critical in shaping your journey in the dynamic world of blogging. The landscape of today's blogging platforms is rich and diverse, offering tools and capabilities that cater to a wide spectrum of needs and skills. While the future holds uncharted territories that promise exciting opportunities, let us not overlook the bounties of the present. Stay attuned to the opportunities the current blogging platforms provide and harness them to your advantage in your journey of creation. In the world of blogging, the present is as riveting as the future promises to be. So, go ahead, take the plunge, and start creating today!
  2. You've might have seen the announcement that Substack is offering creators/podcasters a way in which you can directly upload videos to your page. Using a bit of magic in that the video, especially if it is a podcast episode, can be transcribed, split into a na audio only stream and placed as a new post all on its own. Is actually pretty cool. I wanted to know what the gotcha's were as this sounded a bit too true to be believable. https://support.substack.com/hc/en-us/articles/21093671091220-Guide-to-video-episodes-on-Substack That sounds great but, I wanted to know what you would have to give up or even how much all of this would be priced at. From what I can see is that there is no cost to the creator, just have to have your content living on Substack's infrastructure is all. What caught my eye though was the following. These restrictions are really livable for a platform to offer video hosting and storage essentially. With the maximum limit of 20GB, this is big, as many other places have a limit of maybe 10GB at the most. And that's a rare find. What are your thoughts with Substack getting into the video hosting side of things? Does it bring itself to be a competitor to other platforms?
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