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Found 4 results

  1. Are you a content creator, an independent creator, or a live streamer who values privacy when communicating online? If so, it's important to be aware of the misconceptions surrounding certain platforms' claims of being privacy-focused. One such platform that has faced scrutiny is Discord, where many users mistakenly believed their conversations and direct messages (DMs) were private from the start. In reality, this has never been the case. The Controversial Wording Changes in Discord's Terms of Service Recently, there was an uproar on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit when someone posted about Discord changing the wording in their terms of service. This change aimed to clarify Discord's stance on storing the contents of video and voice calls or channels while specifying that streaming content shared through the platform is not stored. However, Discord did not officially address these changes through their official channels. Instead, they discussed the reasons behind the modifications in an article published by PC Gamer. It turns out that the two lines in question had to be removed because they contradicted Discord's plans to introduce features that involve storing content. These features include creating voice recordings of replies and generating clips of live streams on the platform. The Power of Framing: Amplifying Misunderstandings The problem lies in how the changes to Discord's terms of service were framed by individuals on social media. Their posts sensationalized the scenario, making it sound much worse than it is. Consequently, confusion has spread among users about the level of privacy offered by platforms like Discord and Guilded. Remember, when you sign up for an account on these platforms, you are granting them permission to store and/or record your user-generated content. If you wish to prevent them from having access to your content, your only option is to deactivate or delete your account. Exploring Privacy-Focused Alternatives: Matrix and Revolt For those seeking a more privacy-focused solution that allows greater control over how their content is used, consider exploring open-source frameworks like Matrix or Revolt for your chat app needs. These platforms strive to address the concerns of users worried about the storage and usage of their user-generated content. However, it's important to note that making the switch to these alternative platforms may come with some drawbacks. Many of your associates and contacts may still be using Discord and similar platforms, meaning your reach and conversations may not be as fulfilling as before. It will take time for users to discover these other platforms and migrate to them if they choose to do so. Additionally, the number of available servers on these alternative platforms is currently not at the same level as Discord, potentially causing difficulties finding active communities that cater to your interests. Conclusion In conclusion, it is crucial to dispel the misconceptions surrounding privacy on platforms like Discord. Understanding the reality of their privacy settings and the recent changes to their terms of service enables users, especially content creators, independent creators, and live streamers, to make informed decisions about how and where they communicate online. While alternative platforms like Matrix and Revolt offer more privacy-focused options, it's important to weigh the pros and cons before making a move. Ultimately, shifting to a more privacy-conscious platform may require patience, as it will take time for these platforms to gain popularity and for existing communities to adapt. Stay informed, take control of your privacy, and make choices that align with your values!
  2. https://matrix.org/blog/2023/11/28/shutting-down-bridge-to-libera-chat/ Matrix.org Foundation, in collaboration with Element and Libera Chat, has announced that they are unable to bring back the Libera Chat bridge online. All clean-up tasks such as clearing ghosts are expected to wrap up by December 22, 2023. For users reliant on this bridge, alternative solutions are recommended. These include running their own bridge through matrix-app service-irc software. However, users are urged to pay heed to the network while doing so and take into account the recommendations from Libera Chat and their Matrix FAQs. The decision to shut down the bridge came after months of effort from Matrix.org and the Element team to address raised issues. Despite all their efforts, the desired results couldn't be achieved in a timely manner. The development, maintenance, and operation of the Libera Chat bridge had been donated to the community by Element, limiting the capability and staffing to consistently prioritize work on the bridge. Resolving the introduced issues and restoring the bridge are still on the cards, provided the necessary work is done and key improvements are made. In the long run, Matrix.org hopes to allocate resources to sustain its core programs and to provide additional community services like bridge maintenance and operations. However, being an open-source foundation early in its development journey, Matrix.org admits its resources are limited, requiring it to make difficult choices about resource allocation. The foundation acknowledges all involved parties for their dedication to community service and regrets the current situation, hoping for improved circumstances in the future.
  3. In this video, we take an in-depth look at Matrix, an open-source collaborative communication protocol and network that provides an alternative to closed-source platforms like Discord and Guilded. We discuss how Matrix is more privacy-focused, allowing you to encrypt chat rooms and messages. While lacking some features of other platforms, Matrix gives you more control over your data and allows for self-hosting. We explore how Element is a common interface for interacting with Matrix and how there are other wrappers available too. You'll learn about bridging Matrix to other networks and using bots. The video also touches on how Matrix "spaces" provide a similar function to groups or channels. Overall, Matrix provides many of the core features people expect but with a greater emphasis on privacy, customization, and open standards. However, encrypted communications do come with tradeoffs for community growth rates. Come find out if Matrix is a good fit for your needs!
  4. In this episode, we dive into the power of online communities for independent creators. We start by exploring the influence of forums as platforms for gathering and sharing information, highlighting how they shaped audiences and provided easily searchable resources. Next, we delve into Discord, a popular modern community platform, and its effects on information sharing and collaboration among creators and their audiences. While Discord offers great features, we also discuss its limitations, such as the inability to be searched from the outside web. We then introduce Guilded as an alternative platform to Discord, discussing its advantages for content creators and their communities. Guilded provides a solution for those looking to move away from the Discord silo, offering unique features and benefits. But we don't stop there! We also explore the Matrix protocol as another alternative to Discord and Guilded. We discuss its decentralized nature and how it provides greater control and privacy for content creators. We analyze the benefits of using the Matrix protocol for building communities and how it addresses the limitations of other platforms. In conclusion, we emphasize the importance of online communities for independent creators and encourage listeners to explore different platforms. Whether it's forums, Discord, Guilded, or the Matrix protocol, finding the right community platform can help creators thrive and connect with their audience on a deeper level.
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