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Community Standards

Generally speaking, as long as you stick to the following core principles you should not find yourself subject to disciplinary action:

  • Ensure a friendly atmosphere for our visitors and forum members
  • Encourage the freedom of expression and exchange of information in a mature and responsible manner
  • "Don't be a dick" —Wil Wheaton
  • "Be excellent to each other" —Bill and Ted
  • Remember your audience; both present and future

The following is not an exhaustive list of the rules and guidelines that must be followed when participating in This Indie Creator. The rules outlined below are only the minimum expectations of members and not every issue can be predicted and addressed here, so conduct could still be considered out of line even if it isn't explicitly covered here. The moderation team reserves the right to terminate any accounts or remove any content at any stage without prior notice. The instructions of the moderation team must be followed at all times.

Industry Affiliates, in addition to following the Community Standards outlined here, should also familiarize themselves with the

General Conduct

  • No harassment, discrimination, or abuse of any kind.
    • This includes insults and accusations (fanboy, troll, shill etc).
  • No pornography, sexually explicit, or obscene content.
  • No trolling or flame-bait.
    • This includes topics such as "Company X sucks" and religious debates.
  • No political content, regardless of your views.
    • If something spans politics and content creation, the discussion must remain clearly within content creation and must not descend into politics.
    • This covers all parts of the site, including status updates and the off-topic subforum.
  • Only one account per person, except with explicit permission from forum staff.

Spam and Non-Constructive posts

  • No spamming or non-constructive posts, including:
    • Posting the same topic multiple times
    • LMGTFY (Let Me Google That For You) links or comments in the same spirit
    • Post count / Solution count/reputation farming
  • No shortened links (bit.ly etc.) without the permission of staff.
  • No thread dumping (posting a thread in the wrong section). Check the forum for the most appropriate location for your thread before posting.

Advertising and Begging

  • We do allow a controlled amount of advertising:
    • Self-promotion of personal websites or content (YouTube/Twitch/etc) is only allowed on your profile page or where appropriate.
    • No promoting items that you are selling on third-party sites (eg. eBay, Craigslist).
  • No begging for free or discounted things, asking for donations, fundraising projects, or any similar content. Unless given permission.

Piracy, Hacking, and other Illegal Activities

  • Discussion on how to engage in piracy is not allowed.
    • Redistribution of copyrighted material, including links to third-party hosting sites, is not permitted.
    • Discussion of piracy in general is acceptable (e.g. "Game X becomes the most pirated game ever").
  • Discussion on engaging in hacking or cracking is not allowed, including:
    • Bypassing security features, restrictions, or filters (including parental filters, school restrictions, or workplace monitoring), including on your device.
  • Any illegal content or discussion on engaging in illegal activities is not permitted. United States law applies, as well as any jurisdictions that apply to you.


  • Do not post other people's personal information (name, email, addresses, phone number, etc) without their explicit consent.
  • Do not post personally identifiable information pertaining to anybody under the age of 16, including yourself, regardless of whether you have permission to do so.


  • Text only, no images or other external content linked

Moderation and Bans

  • Do not openly discuss the moderation of any content or user. If you have an issue please contact a staff member.
  • Do not backseat moderate – if there’s an issue, please use the report function. This includes responses such as "off-topic", "spam", "advertising", "status update material" etc; leave it for the mod team to handle.
  • Please be aware staff cannot see private messages unless they are reported.
  • If you have an issue with a moderator at any time, please contact an Administrator via PM:
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