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Guilded: The Rising Star in Chat App Wars



Introduction: In the world of chat apps, Discord has long been the undisputed king. But with the rise of Guilded, a new player is emerging, challenging Discord's dominance. In this blog post, we'll explore why Guilded is gaining traction, its unique features, and how it can be a viable alternative for users and server admins.

  1. Breaking Free from the Paywall: Discord's Nitro paywall has frustrated many users, locking essential features behind a subscription. Guilded, on the other hand, offers a feature-packed experience straight out of the box. With 500 MB file uploads, cross-server functionality, and animated emotes, Guilded provides a powerful set of free features that rival Discord's premium offerings.

  2. The Power of Mind-Share: Discord's immense popularity among gamers has created a significant mind-share in the chat app market. However, history has shown us that mind-share can shift. Just as gamers migrated from TeamSpeak to Discord, Guilded is poised to attract a broader audience with its robust feature set and dedicated development team.

  3. The Impressive Backing of Roblox: Acquired by Roblox, Guilded has the advantage of a powerful parent company that brings resources and expertise to the table. This acquisition has allowed the Guilded team to focus on improving infrastructure, expanding their API, and attracting talented bot developers to enhance the platform's capabilities.

  4. Embracing Competition and Driving Innovation: Competition between Guilded and Discord is beneficial for users. As both platforms strive to outdo each other, they bring forth innovative features and improvements. By trying out Guilded's unique offerings and providing feedback, users can actively shape the direction of both platforms, ensuring their needs are met.

  5. The Future of Chat Apps: While Discord currently reigns supreme, the future is always changing. Guilded's steady growth indicates that it has the potential to become a significant player in the chat app landscape within the next few years. Users shouldn't dismiss Guilded solely based on their allegiance to Discord. Instead, they should explore Guilded's features firsthand, offering suggestions and helping shape the development of the platform they choose.

Conclusion: Guilded is a rising star in the chat app wars, offering an impressive array of features without the paywall restrictions of Discord. With the backing of Roblox and the dedication of its development team, Guilded has the potential to challenge Discord's dominance. By embracing competition and actively engaging with these platforms, users can help drive innovation and ensure the continuous improvement of chat app services. So, don't hesitate to give Guilded a try and contribute to shaping the future of chat apps.


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