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Enhancing User Experience: A Roundup on The New Trovo Features



As a regular on the Trovo.live platform, you might have noticed a number of changes happening over the past few months. This evolution of user experience has been a hot topic within the community, and we're here today to provide a clearer explanation and showcase the new customization features of Trovo.

Trovo Spaces: Your Quick Link to Favorite Channels

In the latest version, Trovo introduced an exciting feature known as "Trovo Spaces." Think of it as a quick pathway into your favorite channels – a handy feature to have when your go-to streamer goes live. This disruption to the classic viewing experience is certainly a significant step forward in making the platform user-friendly.

Customizable Channel Listing

Gone are the days of having to scroll to find channels you follow. Now, you can easily customize your channel listing. Simply hover your mouse above the "Following" tab and move your desired channels in your preferred order.

Plus, Trovo's "Auto Sort" feature effortlessly promotes live channels to the top of your list. Whether you prefer manual sorting or automatic, Trovo now gives full control of listing arrangement to the user.

The Live Icon & Channel Messaging

A "live" icon has been incorporated to help followers identify when their favorite streamer is conducting a live session. Additionally, Trovo has integrated a feature very much akin to a Discord server into channels. This improves communication, community building, and interaction within the platform.

A Hub For All: Expanded Channel Details

Each channel now includes an expanded section, which is remarkably similar to Discord. You'll find features such as a live room, announcement channels, text-based channels, and customizable "chatting" spaces. Additionally, you can set up a rules page, making it easier to relay specific guidelines you'd like your community to adhere to.

Video Room: Beta Testing

Perhaps one of the most intriguing updates is the introduction of a "video room." Not entirely rolled out at the moment, some users can already utilize this feature to upload their own videos – providing a YouTube-like system within Trovo. Of course, uploads won't be available to every user until the beta testing phase wraps up.

A New Dawn For Trovo

These changes have sparked quite a discussion in the Trovo community. As with any change, it's natural for there to be some apprehension. However, it's key to remember that progress often involves adjustments.

These updates are a significant step towards Trovo evolving from a simple live-streaming service to a comprehensive live-streaming platform. Possibly the most appealing aspect for users is the ability to consolidate their video, chat rooms, and live stream all in one place.

Everyone's opinion may vary, but this transformation holds great promise for Trovo. Given enough time and continued improvements, it is likely to catch on with users and make the overall Trovo experience even more engaging.

Remember: don't keep all your eggs in one basket. Diversifying across platforms is important. Yet Trovo, with its exciting advancements and customization features, certainly makes a case for being an integral part of your streaming arsenal.

Now that you understand the new features within Trovo, it's time to explore and customize your own Trovo experience.


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