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Reimaging an Independent Creator's Podcast: A Journey towards Evolution



In the recent blog post, "Reimaging an Independent Creator's Podcast: A Journey towards Evolution," written by Josh Bailey on November 8, 2023, he discusses the substantial changes in store for the Independent Creator's Podcast.

The podcast intends to evolve its structure by focusing more on a single topic per episode to provide a more in-depth and insightful exploration than the traditional three-story format. This change ensures to benefit the audience with richer discussion and enhanced learning experience.

Simultaneously, they plan on inviting personalities from the independent and alternative platform spaces occasionally. These special sessions promise to add diversity to the podcast content, maintaining the element of surprise for the audience.

To bridge the gap between digital platforms and end-users, a newfound emphasis will be placed on platforms like Mastodon, Blue Sky, and Guilded. The intention is to provide listeners with a comprehensive understanding of these platforms' functionalities, offerings, and potential challenges.

Moreover, the podcast episodes will be biweekly, allowing for more meaningful storytelling and discovering new platforms to introduce to the listeners.

Bailey encourages the audience to join their growing community at thisindiecreator.com, which provides a platform for content creators to expand into areas like indie game development and more. Updates on their activities can be found on top podcast platforms, Bluesky, and their dedicated forums.

These changes are envisioned to nurture the growth of the Independent Creator's Podcast and build a strong community of content creators. The aim is to make the podcast not just about listening, but also about experiencing, learning, and evolving together in the realm of independent creation.


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