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Live Space Founders Discuss Their Vision for Empowering Creators



This post discusses the goals and vision of the live streaming platform Live Space, as outlined by founders Spencer and Todd in an interview. They aim to create a more creator-friendly environment compared to other services by removing barriers, increasing transparency, and prioritizing creator needs. Early features focused on lowering monetization restrictions and encouraging community-building over viewership. 

Looking ahead, the founders discussed expanding into new content areas like music and sports. They hope to see more diverse streams showcasing varied passions. Supporting emerging and underrepresented talent through funding programs and promotional campaigns is also a priority. Interactivity, customization, and third-party integrations will enhance the experience. By fostering accessibility, collaboration, and welcoming creativity of all kinds, Live Space hopes to establish itself as the premier destination for diverse global talent to connect freely through shared interests.


Tonight, live streaming platform Live Space welcomed founders Spencer and Todd for an AMA session hosted by streamer OG Goblin. Live Space differentiates itself from other services by being "made for creators, by creators." Spencer and Todd discussed their motivation for building a platform with a creator-first focus and shared their long-term vision for where Live Space is headed.

Spencer came from a music background, having played instruments since childhood. During the pandemic, he saw many musician friends struggle as in-person gigs disappeared overnight. Existing streaming services presented barriers like minimum streaming hours before monetization. Spencer and Todd wanted to build "a place that I would want to use myself as a creator." 



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