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Funnel Fans to Your Site: Why Centralizing Your Content is Crucial



As an independent creator, it's important to take control of your creative content rather than relying entirely on large platforms.

Having your own website or blog allows you to host videos, podcasts, writing, art, and other works on your own domain. This enables you to control how your content is displayed and monetized without worrying about unpredictable algorithms or account suspensions.

While sites like YouTube and Twitter make distribution easy, consider them supplemental to sharing links from your owned platform. Don't cede power over your hard work.

Diversify where you post links across multiple platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Medium, and more. Reach wider audiences while retaining ownership.

Monetize directly from your site via subscriptions, merchandise, donations, affiliate links, and more. Keep the revenue your content generates.

Owning your distribution and monetization means you control your destiny as an independent creator. No more worrying about sudden content removal or demonetization.

Yes, managing your own site takes more effort. But the payoff is owning your brand, audience, and future. Take charge of your content ownership and creative independence today.


As an independent creator, it's crucial that you take ownership of the content you produce. Relying solely on platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok to host your videos, tweets, and other creative works means you don't truly control your creations.

While these sites can help you reach a wider audience, they also come with major drawbacks. Your account can be deleted, suspended, or censored at any time per the platform's terms of service. Your content could be removed without notice. YouTube and other sites have complex, opaque algorithms that determine how and to whom your content is shown. Toxic commenters can hijack your work, spreading negativity that impacts your mental health and creative process.

That's why as a creator, you need to diversify where you post content and build your own sites to control how your work is distributed. Here are some ways to start taking back ownership as an independent creator.



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