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Rethinking Reliance: How to Reduce Dependency on Centralized Social Media



This post discusses the importance of content creators taking ownership of their work in today's social media landscape. It notes that many feel compelled to cater to centralized platforms in order to gain exposure, which can undermine their autonomy and control. The experience of one creator dealing with online toxicity highlights this issue.

The article argues creators have become overly reliant on just a few major outlets and in doing so, have relinquished ownership. It encourages establishing an independent online presence like a website to directly host and manage one's content. Creators are also advised to use other platforms judiciously, as advertisement for this independent content rather than true interaction.

Maintaining ownership empowers creators to shape discussion spaces and curb problems like harassment. It can cultivate understanding while respecting freedom of expression. With flexibility and community support, balanced virtual spaces can uplift all voices. By investing in diverse and sustainable models, creators can progress towards networks serving humanity's highest potential.


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