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Guilded: A Worthy Alternative to Discord



As an advocate for alternative communication platforms, I've long been impressed by the features and implementation of Guilded. In today's landscape, many users are looking for options beyond what Discord offers through its controversial Nitro paywall system. That's where Guilded shines as a free-to-use alternative with a robust set of included features.

In previous videos on my Indie Creator Hub YouTube channel, I've highlighted some of Guilded's top advantages over Discord for both individual users and server admins. Features like 500MB file uploads, cross-server messaging, and animated emoji reactions are all available for free out of the box - a stark contrast to Discord where these perks require a monthly subscription. The free tier alone has everything the average user could need.

Of course, Discord remains the dominant force in online chat due in large part to its massive existing user base. We saw a similar disruption over a decade ago when Teamspeak was dethroned by the upstart Discord. It took several years for mainstream adoption to shift fully from Teamspeak to Discord as the new leader.

With that history in mind, I believe Guilded will continue growing its user base but maintaining true dominance over Discord may still be 3+ years away. Since being acquired by Roblox last year, Guilded has invested heavily in further developing its infrastructure and capabilities. Still marking its bot API as beta indicates more progress is needed to attract all potential third-party developers, though the quality of early Guilded bots is certainly impressive.

Built-in features like customizable bot roles and workflows mean server owners don't necessarily need to integrate outside tools either - another big advantage over Discord in that regard. As these native experiences continue maturing, Guilded stands to attract even more disillusioned Discord admins.

At the same time, Discord isn't sitting idle. They've added and continue improving similar functions to stay competitive, like larger file uploads and messaging across linked servers. This "innovator's dilemma" is great for end users, as competition drives constant upgrades no matter which service is preferred. Both platform's survival ensures ongoing progress for everyone.

With network effects so heavily favoring Discord currently, it may be 3 years or more before major mindshare shifts to Guilded according to my prediction. However, continued enhancements and a dedicated user base mean this alternative is here to stay. Rather than dismiss Guilded due to Discord loyalty, I recommend giving its features an open-minded review. Then provide constructive feedback to help each platform meet community needs. Competition between the two can only mean even better communication services emerging down the road for all of us.

In summary, Guilded presents a compelling free alternative to Discord's paid offerings today with robust functionality. While Discord maintains a strong user base advantage, Guilded's potential is undeniable as infrastructure and third-party support matures. My hope is that both platforms thrive through competition to continually improve the experience for online communities everywhere. As an advocate of choice, I'll continue championing worthy Discord alternatives like Guilded that offer innovative solutions and benefit users.


Photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash


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