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Are You Falling into the Trap of Predatory Sponsorships?



Are You Falling into the Trap of Predatory Sponsorships?

As a content creator, you constantly find yourself having to navigate through scams and people trying to take advantage of you by getting free advertising for their products. Many creators and live streamers dream of reaching a certain level where they can easily secure sponsorships from all directions and rake in the money. Unfortunately, that often proves to be nothing more than a trap as old as time itself.

The Culture on Twitch: Easier Support, But at a Cost

The culture on Twitch is one where viewers are more inclined to support their favorite creators by subscribing, sending tips, and making it easier to show their appreciation. However, one of the ways this support comes about is through on-stream advertising of various games, services, or products. While these sponsorships may seem lucrative, they often require you to advertise items that may not align with your own preferences or those of your audience.
We've all seen the typical sponsorships for games like Raid Shadow Legends, meal delivery services like Hello Fresh, editing software like Marvel Snap, grooming products like Manscape, and countless others. Sometimes, we tend to overlook the fact that these endorsements have infiltrated our favorite streamers' content.

The Trap of Predatory Sponsorships

Though some content creators do receive compensation for these sponsorships, there are many more who are being taken advantage of in the process. Lately, most of the sponsorships offered through programs like Streamelements are of a predatory nature. They involve advertising items or products that have a more general appeal, rather than catering specifically to your content or audience demographics.
I receive offers like this all the time, but I've never been inclined to accept them. My audience is incredibly important to me, and subjecting them to products or services that I haven't used or had a positive experience with just doesn't sit right. After all, my content is worth more than what these offers are bringing to the table.
Let's take an example: a company wants me to dedicate prime space on my channel page for five days and commit at least two hours of stream time to their product, for what could potentially be a very minimal payout. Considering the horror stories shared by others who have gone through similar requirements and faced difficulties in getting paid, the amount of work involved just isn't worth the hassle.

Sponsorships: A Win-Win Scenario

In an ideal sponsorship scenario, a company pays a content creator to promote their product to their audience, leading to higher returns as the audience is more likely to make purchases. However, the programs that offer these predatory sponsorships are nothing more than disguised affiliate marketing tactics. They often result in free advertising for the company, with little consequence for the content creator or their audience.
While the money may seem tempting in the short term, it can ultimately harm your own content in the long run. It's better to be patient and ignore these offers, instead reaching out to companies that align with your values and will genuinely benefit you and your growing community.


As independent content creators, we must be vigilant and discerning when it comes to sponsorships. Don't fall into the trap of predatory offers that can compromise your authenticity and alienate your audience. Take the time to seek out genuine partnerships that will enhance your content and benefit both you and your dedicated community.
Remember, the real value lies not in quick and easy money, but in building a trusted brand and fostering a loyal following. Stay true to yourself, be selective about the collaborations you engage in, and watch your success soar.

Q/A Section:
  1. How can predatory sponsorships harm your content?
By accepting predatory sponsorships, you risk compromising your authenticity and alienating your audience. If you advertise products or services that don't align with your preferences or your audience's interests, you may lose their trust and credibility. This can have a long-term negative impact on your content and hinder its growth.
  1. What should content creators prioritize when considering sponsorships?
Content creators should prioritize their own values, their audience's preferences, and the potential mutual benefits when considering sponsorships. It's essential to choose partnerships that align with your brand and will genuinely enhance your content. Building trust and loyalty among your audience should always be a top priority.
  1. How can content creators find genuine sponsorship opportunities?
To find genuine sponsorship opportunities, content creators should proactively reach out to companies they believe in or whose products/services they have used and had positive experiences with. It's important to build relationships based on shared values and common goals. Networking within your industry and leveraging your existing community can also lead to authentic sponsorship opportunities.


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