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Owncast: Empowering Creators & The Fediverse



Welcome back to another episode of the Independent Creator Podcast. I'm your host, Josh, inviting you to join us tonight for an exciting discussion on Owncast, an ongoing community initiative that kicked off today.

Owncast is on the minds of many today. And why shouldn't it be? It's an open-source, free platform — perfect for anyone seeking a space for their content. What's more, it's user-friendly; a simple, plug-and-play solution. All you need to consider is the hardware or server it will be hosted on.

If you're joining us via our own Owncast server, we're thrilled to have you. This platform is an innovative way to regain control of your live-streamed content. Reminiscent of our previous discussions on the platform, and our advocacy for content ownership, Owncast champions a similar ethos. It provides a hub for creators to host their live-streaming content. Once hosted on your site, you're then able to share it across social networks like Mastodon, Twitter, or Blue Sky, amplifying your reach.

One exciting aspect of owning your content is live streaming, and this is where platforms like Owncast, Twitch, YouTube Live, Facebook gaming, and upcoming SharePlay come into play.

Undeniably, Owncast has fantastic potential, as discussed in a previous episode where we demoed setting up an Owncast server with a web hosting company. And while it is free, the success of your Owncast server hinges on powerful hardware infrastructure or a reliable web hosting service.

Today, I'm enthusiastic to share news about a community initiative that's just been launched to involve more contributors to the Owncast community, particularly, those proficient in theming and customization. As often noticed, many users stick with the default theme when launching their Owncast server.

Take us, for example; our theme is far from default. We encourage those fluent in CSS to experiment with theming for your Owncast server. For instance, the 'Twitchy' theme by Tainted Cipher gives your Owncast server a Twitch-like look, a refreshing departure from the default theme.

Let's briefly cover how easy it is to change themes: within your Owncast admin, simply navigate to the configuration in general, then select 'Appearance.' Here, you can play with colors and other aspects of your Owncast Server layout. And if by any chance you want to revert to the default settings, the reset button is waiting to be clicked.

The great thing about this community initiative is that it brings together people of diverse skills and interests. As we approach 2024, I, alongside the creators of platforms, see this as an opportunity to grow communities around these alternative platforms, standing apart from mainstream ones like Facebook and Twitter. It feels like a breath of fresh air.

To wrap up today, I'd like to share some updates. As part of a housekeeping exercise, we're centralizing all our live streams to Owncast. Furthermore, we're also migrating all the content from the Indie Creator Hub to our main site, thisindiecreator.com. This consolidates all our blog posts, game reviews, and other resources. We're confident this move will simplify the experience for our followers.

I sincerely thank each and every one of you for being with us tonight. The audio podcast version of this episode will be available from tomorrow morning on your choice of platform, be it Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Podcasts, or others.

Remember, only two more episodes remain for this year. Keep checking our website at thisindiecreator.com for updates. Until next time, have a good night!



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